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Thanks to all the schools below who have given us their highest praise.



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"This was the BEST assembly I've ever seen at my school.
You showed us what is is possible to achieve with an assembly. Absolute perfection!"
Hillary Milani, 4th Grade Teacher, Madera Elementary, El Cerrito

"So talented and very engaging!"
Joe Romagna, Principal, John Baldwin Elementary, Danville

Cielo Fuentes, PTA President, Lupine Hills Elementary, Hercules

"This was great fun!"
Dorothy Franks, Westlake Elementary, Santa Cruz

"Now you're at the top of my assembly list!"
Marine Avagyan, Principal, Jefferson Elementary, Glendale

Lis Ramos-Hanacek, Principal, Martha Baldwin Elementary, Alhambra

"FANTASTIC! What a GREAT show!"
Melissa Lane, PTA Assembly Coordinator, and Rebecca Lynch, Principal,
Farragut Elementary, Culver City

"What a pleasure to host these wonderful presentations from England!"
Soledad Lopez, PTA, Fremont Elementary, Montebello

"Three WONDERFUL performances!"
Tawny Leonard, Principal, Gehringer Elementary, Oakley

"AMAZING! We've never seen our children so engaged! The kids LOVED it and so did the adults!"
Raymur Sweeney, PTA, and Lisa Veal, Principal, Birney Elementary, Redondo Beach

"A WONDERFUL performance enjoyed by all our children and staff alike!"
Jennifer Silbergeld, PTA Assembly Coordinator,
Cornerstone Elementary, Rancho Palos Verdes

"You are VERY popular around our school this morning!"
Ryan Haven, Principal, Edenvale Elementary, San Jose

"Very entertaining! I've never seen our kids so into an assembly!
I will definitely recommend you!"
Holly Fleischer, PTA, Pleasant Hill Elementary, Pleasant Hill

"Very cool and very funny!"
Brooklynn Clark, Principal, Sequoia Elementary, Santa Rosa

"I work with all the grades in this school and I have never seen them so completely captivated!"
Jennifer Phillips, Kermit King Elementary, Paso Robles

"AMAZING! FANTASTIC! This is the most engaged we've ever seen our children!"
Erin Davis, Monarch Grove Elementary, Los Osos

"Great! So cute! We loved it!"
Deedee Henniger, PTA Assemblies Chair, Glenoaks Elementary, Glendale

"This was very cool."
Sylvia Gallegos, Assembly Coordinator, Thomas Page Academy, Cotati

"Awesome - we were very pleased with this."
The staff of Murwood Elementary, Walnut Creek

Flaviana Chelliah, PTA, Sutter Elementary, Santa Clara

"A PHENOMENAL performance!"
Sonia Tovar, Assembly Coordinator, Marguerita Elementary, Alhambra

"This was a GREAT performance! So good and so expressive!"
Lauren Cheng, PTA, and Sandy Burch, Reading Specialist,
Longley Way Elementary, Arcadia

"FANTASTIC! The kids loved it!"
Sarah Liebmann, PTA Assembly Coordinator, RD White Elementary, Glendale

"My kindergartners said this was the best thing ever!"
Emily Weller, Valley View Elementary, La Crescenta

"A WONDERFUL performance!"
April Smith, PTA, and the staff of Pine Grove Elementary, Santa Maria

"Riveting, funny and informative!"
Bill Porter, Principal, Mission Meadows Elementary, Oceanside

Amy Hart, PTA Assembly Coordinator, Taper Avenue Elementary, San Pedro

"WONDERFUL! Our children were completely engaged by this!"
Kimberly Attell, Principal, Loyola Elementary, Los Altos

"GREAT JOB! Our kids LOVED it!"
Alicia Rubio, Principal, Arturo Sanchez Elementary, Norwalk

"Thank you, we loved it!"
Lisa Palomino, Principal, Lake Marie Elementary, Whittier

"A WONDERFUL performance!"
Ariana Menhenett, Huff Elementary, Mountain View

Pamela Miller, Assembly Coordinator, Cipriani Elementary, Belmont

"A FANTASTIC performance!"
Sarah Turvey, PTA & Sharon Armstrong, 4th Grade teacher,
Lakeview Elementary, Lakeside

"This was a GREAT presentation. Very age-appropriate.
I saw children who rarely pay attention in class absolutely enthralled.
There are a great many schools who would benefit from this assembly!"
Kasey Klappenback, Principal, Garfield Elementary, Santa Ana

"Really fun! A classic story with a twist!"
Tracy Dwyer, Assistant Principal, Baker Elementary, San Jose

"WONDERFUL! VERY CUTE! I will certainly recommend you to other schools!"
Daniel Boatwright, Assistant Principal, Cypress School of the Arts, Hesperia

"The kids LOVED it!"
Renee Small, PTA Assembly Coordinator, Capri Elementary, Campbell

"Our students from K-8th grade were engaged, amused and enthralled
by your outstanding performance. We have already begun discussing plans for next year.
Thank you for such a delightful day!"
Jean Freeman, Principal, Audubon K-8, San Diego

"Thank you - the kids loved it!"
The staff of Tierra Vista Elementary, Oxnard

"That was excellent!"
Daina Lujan, Principal, Meadows Elementary, Millbrae

Lisa Kaye-Crowder,
Principal, Rosewood Avenue Elementary, West Hollywood

"We're quite selective about our assemblies...everyone loved this!"
Jeanette Bugarin, PTA Assembly Coordinator, Verdugo Woodlands Elementary, Glendale

Deborah Torrens, PTA, Oak Ridge Elementary, San Jose

Lori Paolinetti, Elementary Curriculum Director, Santa Clara School District

"A TERRIFIC performance!"
Anna Griffith, PTA, Cambria Grammar School, Cambria

"This was GREAT!"
Alison Towery, Principal, Denker Avenue Elementary, Gardena

"Everyone LOVED this play!"
Melisa Soliman, PTA Vice President, Mission San Jose Elementary, Fremont

"EXCELLENT! Our children were completely riveted!"
Cathy Bianco, PTA, Central Elementary, Belmont

"EXCELLENT! Very entertaining! Very enjoyable!"
The staff of Castlemont Elementary, Campbell

"Thank you for a GREAT performance! The Vanalden students enjoyed it immensely!"
Yoshim Yang, PTA Assembly Coordinator, Vanalden Elementary, Tarzana

Irene Keenan, Principal, and Ernie DeTrinidad, PTA, Mt Diablo Elementary, Clayton

"MARVELOUS, GIFTED and TALENTED performances which opened our students' eyes
to a love and appreciation for the arts."
Rachel Niles, PTA Assembly Coordinator, Riverview Elementary, Norco

"A GREAT performance! Normally our children fidget about a bit during assemblies...not this time!"
Jim Warner, Owner, Daycamp Resource Station, Culver City

"ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! It is very difficult to find programs that keep an audience
from K through sixth grade completely engaged for the entire length.
You absolutely did at both ends of the spectrum! FANTASTIC!"
Niccole Wiseman, Santa Maria-Bonita School District

"I give this company a GLOWING review!"
Kate Yamasaki, Assembly Coordinator, Washington Elementary, Santa Barbara

"GREAT JOB! An absolutely WONDERFUL performance!"
Robin Taylor, PTA Assembly Coordinator, Case Elementary, Elk Grove

"A FANTASTIC performance!"
Delice Benyat, Assembly Coordinator, Monroe Elementary, Santa Barbara

"We absolutely LOVE you guys!"
Julie Parker, Principal, Cardiff Elementary, Cardiff-by-the-Sea

"WONDERFUL and very funny! Positive feedback all round for this program!"
Maria Brady, Principal, and Jenny Maupin, PTA VP of Programs,
Audubon Elementary, Foster City

"This was EXCELLENT! Our children responded so well to this! I enjoyed it as much as them!"
Kirt Collins, Principal, Hawthorne Elementary, San Luis Obispo

"Our children were completely ENTRANCED from kinder all the way up!"
Julie Cinq-Mars, Principal, Cram Elementary, Highland

"Very funny and really REALLY cool to watch!"
Christin Walley, Principal, Fremont Elementary, Glendale

"REALLY REALLY GREAT! Even our 8th-graders loved this!"
Nancy Duran, Assembly Coordinator, Camino Nuevo Charter Academy, Los Angeles

"This was GREAT!"
Alex Cristales, Assistant Principal, Maple Elementary, Hesperia

Julie Perron, Principal, Wilson Elementary, Costa Mesa

"You guys have the BEST assemblies! Our children are right with you from start to finish!"
Pamela Ross, Assembly Coordinator, Hollywood Beach Elementary, Oxnard

Christie Miller, Assembly Coordinator, Mission Bay Montessori, San Diego

"My faculty said this was the BEST assembly they have yet witnessed!"
Elizabeth Asadi, Director, The Carden Day School of San Jose
(Bay Area Parent Magazine Editors' Choice Best Private School 2008)

"An absolutely WONDERFUL display of the fine arts!"
Amy Shainman, Principal, Norco Elementary, Norco

"WONDERFUL! AWESOME! Thoroughly enjoyed by ALL our grades!"
Kristin Reynolds, Assembly Coordinator, Bradoaks Elementary, Monrovia

Heidi Steelsmith, Assembly Coordinator, Brandon Elementary, Goleta

Cecilia Martini-Muth, Arts and Culture Liaison, Hope Elementary, Santa Barbara

The staff and PTA of Landels Elementary, Mountain View

Deborah Davis, PTA, McKinley Elementary, San Diego

"An AWESOME performance!"
Jayme Kositchek, PTO, Nancy Cory Elementary, Lancaster

"A FANTASTIC performance! I will recommend to the next
PTA president that you come back next year!"
Janet Knollenberg, PTA, Fairgrove Elementary, Grover Beach

Rachel Wohnhaas, PTA,
Perry Elementary, San Diego

"FANTASTIC! A MAGICAL experience for our children!"
Rosa Figueroa, Arts Coordinator, Mountain Vista Elementary, Indio

Michael Williams, Principal, Las Palmitas Elementary, Thermal

"You guys are FANTASTIC!"
Jodie Mueller, Ysabel Barnett Elementary, Temecula

“WONDERFUL assemblies packed full of humor and action!”
Jamie Le Blanc, Principal, Liberty Elementary, Santa Maria

"INCREDIBLE! All our children LOVED these assemblies,
even the older ones I was most concerned about!"
Vanessa Silva, Assembly Coordinator, Banyan Elementary, Alta Loma

Helen Juarez, Assembly Coordinator, Mattos Elementary, Fremont

Shalom Bruhn, PTA Assembly Coordinator, Franklin Elementary, Alameda

Dori Greenan, Painted Rock Elementary, Poway

"The way you engaged our children was WONDERFUL!"
Ted Hornaday, Assembly Chair, Sandpiper Elementary, Redwood City

Melissa Sanders, Assembly Coordinator, Jones Elementary, San Diego

"We would like to extend our gratitude to you for sharing your talents with us!"
Kelly Karnes, Principal K-8, Temecula Prep School, Winchester

"A terrific success!"
Pam Morrison, Thurgood Marshall Elementary, Oxnard

"EXCELLENT! We will certainly have you back!"
Beth Huff, Condit Elementary, Claremont

Ginny Zalky, Principal, Lincoln Elementary, Reedley

"We've hosted a lot of performances here over the years and not many of them
held our children's attention like you did!"
Sharon Rig, Kindergarten Teacher, Del Rey Elementary, Victorville

"AMAZING! These assemblies were GREAT! The kids (and adults) really enjoyed them.
We look forward to working with you again in the future."
Natalie Oller, Assembly Coordinator, Brightwood Elementary, Monterey Park

"You guys are AWESOME! My students are still talking about how good this was!"
Carol Martino, Principal, Sumac Elementary, Agoura Hills

"Absolutely WONDERFUL!"
Susan Turner, Assembly Coordinator, Dingeman Elementary, San Diego

"That was GREAT!"
Chris Allen, Principal, Santa Rosa Academic Academy, Atascadero

"A TERRIFIC performance!"
The staff of Monterey Road Elementary, Atascadero

Jasmine Valenzuela, Principal, Garcia Elementary, Colton

“The BEST assembly we’ve ever had!”
Sandy Dorfman, Castlebay Lane Elementary, Northridge

"Thank you for your great assembly! Our students had a great time
and it was a wonderful experience for them! We look forward to
working with your group in the future!"
Laurie Wheeler, PTA President, Washington Elementary, San Gabriel

Kellianne Hague-Shaw, Second Grade Teacher, Mead Valley Elementary, Perris

Ellen Hall, Director, Oak Grove School, Ojai

"A super performance!"
The staff of Willow Elementary, San Ysidro

"Our children told me this was the best assembly they'd ever seen!"
Jane Rowland, Principal, Dow's Prairie Elementary, McKinleyville

"Thank you so much for your charming performance. Our children all expressed
their love for your production and many of them even went so far
as to say that your production was their favorite special activity
of the year - which is saying quite a bit given that you had competition
from Chuck-E-Cheese, movies, and Universal Studios.
We would LOVE to have you return next year with another performance."
Matthew Speak, Northpoint School, Northridge

“Fabulous, you guys!”
Lisa Spigai-Perez, Sierra Madre Elementary

"Two fabulous performances!"
Bonnie Erick, The Mardan Center, Irvine

"An assembly of the highest caliber!"
Steven Woo, Faria Elementary, Cupertino

"One of the best assemblies we've had!"
Meg Cross, The Aptos Academy, Aptos, Santa Cruz

Josh Griffith, Principal, John Gill Elementary, Redwood City

"A super show and at a terrific price!"
Dawn Madrid, Valley Elementary, Yucaipa

Steve Henson, Principal, and the staff of Grand Oaks Elementary, Shasta Lake

"Our children had an absolute blast with this!"
Veronica Godinez, Principal, Maxson Elementary, El Monte

"Rave reviews all round! Some of my staff told me this was the best assembly
they had ever seen!"
Harriet Baysdorfer, Assembly Coordinator, Vineyard Elementary, Templeton

"INCREDIBLE! Everyone loved this production from little ones all the way up to big ones!"
The staff of Ponderosa Elementary, South San Francisco

"AMAZING how you can hold the attention of K all the way through to 8!
We will certainly have you back!"
Lisa Hildebrand, Director, Ventura Charter School, Ventura

"Great show!"
The staff of Abbott Elementary, Lynwood

"PHENOMENAL! The BEST assembly we've ever had!"
Paula Rynders, Principal, and the staff of Towngate Elementary,
Moreno Valley

James Woods, Mariana Elementary, Apple Valley

"A fabulous performance! Can we have you every week?”
Kathleen Leeper, Wright Elementary, El Monte

"Our children love these assemblies from the Queen's country!"
Syed Hyder, Principal & Kasey Kubota, Assembly Coordinator,
Jurupa Vista Elementary, Fontana

"FANTASTIC! So funny and subtle!"
Craig Pena, Administrator, Van Avery Prep, Temecula

"Incredible. A true tour de force! Our children were talking
about you for weeks! Thank you from all of us!"
Jim Fitzpatrick, Principal, Santa Barbara Montessori, Santa Barbara

"All our students really enjoyed these performances!"
Mayra Rios, Assembly Coordinator, Coronita Elementary, Corona

"Wonderful! Our children were fully engaged in your assembly from start to finish!"
Jana Cole, Assembly Coordinator, Don Benito Fundamental School, Pasadena

Julie Porterfield, PTG, and the staff of Wrightwood Elementary, Wrightwood

"Extremely well done! I was particularly impressed with the way you involved our children
telling this story. My faculty really liked it too!"
Jim Rogers, Principal, Ortega Elementary, Pacifica

"We loved your performance!  All of our children attend at least one fine art performance a year
in some of the most wonderful places like the Old Globe Theatre, the La Jolla Playhouse and such. 
That we were able to bring a play of this caliber right here to our school was STUPENDOUS!"
Ana Biffle, Principal, Knox Elementary, San Diego

"I will be telling everyone how pleased I was with these performances!"
Kathy Luther, PTA President, Chapman Heights Elementary, Yucaipa

"That was EXCELLENT!"
Dr Pearson, Canyon Crest Elementary, Fontana

"Very entertaining!"
Gabriel Cardenas, Principal, Janson Elementary, Rosemead

Peter Bassford, Arts Specialist, Washington Elementary, Burlingame

"Our children were MESMERIZED!"
Jason Scott, Principal, Ben Franklin Elementary, Corona

"Wonderful! Just perfect for our children!"
Jerry Keogh, Principal, Literacy First Charter, El Cajon

"Superbly done!"
Cloyce Morrow, Carden Arbor View School, Upland

"An excellent performance for our After-School Program!"
Trevor Dietrich, Principal, John Adams Elementary, Corona

"Very well done indeed!"
Sandi Otelsberg, Sierra Canyon School, Chatsworth

"That was GREAT!"
Shirley Chong, Assembly Coordinator, and the staff of
Crestview Prep, La Canada Flintridge

"I will certainly be recommending this to other assembly coordinators!"
Melissa Fitzpatrick, PTA, Central Elementary, Belmont

"An absolute delight!"
Dianne Park, Assembly Coordinator, Cherokee Point Elementary, San Diego

"That was GREAT!"
Emilee Getter, Assembly Coordinator, Beechwood School, Menlo Park

"AMAZING! Our students were talking about your performance long after
all the laughter and applause."
Polly Nelson, Principal, Fairlawn School, Santa Maria

Martin Schmidt, Principal, Gorman Elementary, Gorman

"An AMAZING EXPERIENCE for our children!"
Sheila Wiebe, Administrator, Kings Canyon School District

"An absolutely INCREDIBLE performance!"
Erick Hansen, Principal, Lanai Elementary, Encino

Toni Marshburn, Principal, Kingsbury Elementary, Redlands

Kristy Turner, Assembly Coordinator, Lewis Elementary, Fort Irwin

"We loved having you!"
The staff of Coleman Elementary, San Rafael

"Wonderful! Our fifth-graders in particular thought this was the funniest thing
they had ever seen!"
Betsy Letzo, Principal, and Stacy Keysor, Assembly Coordinator,
Mint Canyon Community School, Canyon Country

Jim Bissin, Principal, Battles Elementary, Santa Maria

"You are welcome anytime!"
Kathleen Hughes, Principal, St Alphonsus School, Los Angeles

"SUPER! HUGE fun!"
The staff of Carver Elementary, Santa Ana

"This was really well done!"
Sue Geddes, Principal, Jasper Elementary, Rancho Cucamonga

"That was GREAT! I will be telling everyone in this area how good this was!"
Tonya Kennerley, Assembly Coordinator, McCord Elementary, Orange Cove

"Thanks for a great show!"
Amy Weidman, Principal, Riverside Prep School, Oro Grande

"Our children really enjoyed it!"
Chris Jones, Principal, Juan de Anza Elementary, Hawthorne

"Rave reviews all round!"
Jeff Lagozzino, Principal, Miramonte Elementary, El Monte

"AMAZING assemblies!"
Paul Wulle, Director, Rancho Encinitas Academy, Encinitas

"Wonderful! Our kids loved it!"
The staff of Dilworth Elementary, San Jose

"Well done - that was very entertaining!"
Lori DeForge, Assembly Coordinator, Ben Franklin Elementary

The staff of Cleminson Elementary, Temple City

"AWESOME! We loved it!"
Jenna Naylor, Assistant Principal, Baker Elementary, San Jose



"This was WONDERFUL! It was very age-appropriate with plenty of humor yet also very controlled
so that the children knew to pay attention throughout. What a great product!"
Maureen Sniff, Principal, and Joe Hodges, Sixth Grade Teacher, Goodman Elementary, Chandler

"Absolutely marvelous!"
Rachel Ontko, Creative Arts, Mesa School District

"The best live performance we've seen!"
Susan James, PTA. Robson Elementary. Mesa

"FANTASTIC! Our children were completely RIVETED!
They told us this was better than a movie!"
Dolores Floyd, Assembly Coordinator, and the staff of Desert Oasis Elementary, Phoenix

"FABULOUS! The best live performance of the year!
Thank you so much for coming to our school and inspiring our children to read
and to use their imaginations!"
Melissa Wisner, Principal, Susan Torres, and Barbara Robey,
Barbara Robey Elementary, Litchfield Park

"These assemblies are BRILLIANT! I would urge any principal to book them. "
John Warren, Principal, Topock Elementary, Golden Shores

Kathy McNeill, Principal, Desert Winds Elementary, Phoenix

Diane Page, Assembly Coordinator, Havasupai Elementary, Lake Havasu City

"Fabulous! Just perfect!"
Marsha Johnson, Principal Educator, Sedona Charter School, Sedona

Julia Kelly, Las Sendas Elementary, Mesa

"Very enjoyable! Extremely entertaining! We want you back!"
Ginger Dunn, Music Specialist and the staff of Sopori Elementary, Amado

"That was so much fun! Thank you so much!"
The staff of Hartford Elementary, Chandler

"Desert Cove fourth graders certainly thank you for one of the best performances
we have seen in some time. I am particularly impressed with your ability
to captivate the students attention. The content also was very appropriate.
The students only had wonderful comments! We hope you will come back next year!"
Jan McCloskey, Fourth-Grade Teacher, Desert Cove Elementary, Phoenix

"This was PERFECT!"
The staff of Zaharis Elementary, Mesa

"The kids LOVED you!"
Lisa Perez, Assembly Coordinator, Desert Mountain School, Desert Hills

Molly Strong, Park Meadows Elementary, Glendale

"The children LOVED it!"
Gloria Dahl, Canyon Springs Elementary, Phoenix

"Excellent! Our children love your programs!"
Jacque Price, Superintendent, Quartzsite and Ehrenberg Schools

"A wonderful, thoroughly professional performance!"
Megan Grieco, PTA President, Copper Trails Elementary, Goodyear

"RAVE reviews from all the staff and kids!"
Barb O'Fallon, Gilbert Elementary, Gilbert

"The kids were very engaged and thought the performers were hilarious!
The BEST play that has come to this school!"
The staff of Washington Elementary, Mesa

"Excellent! Amazing!"
Lupita Hightower, Programs Director, Tolleson School District

"Very good indeed!"
Bert Honigman, Principal, Terramar Elementary, Peoria

"One of the best assemblies my students have enjoyed!"
Julie Ormiston, Casa Vida at Kyrene del Milenio, Phoenix

"We loved the performance!  The kids really enjoyed it and it was fun with the interaction. 
We can't wait until you come back next year!"
Mindy Schuller, Montessori Day School, Phoenix

"Excellent! I shall certainly be recommending this assembly to other administrators!"
Dora Barrio, Principal, Fowler Elementary, Phoenix

"Our children loved this!"
Marjorie Thorpe, Director, Solon Junior Academy, Chandler

"The most riveting and inspirational assembly we've ever seen!"
Kathy Drum, Butterfield Elementary, Maricopa

"Really funny and informative!"
Ron Stiffarm, Reading Coach, Sacaton Elementary, Sacaton

"Great job!"
Mike Epperson, Arts Academy at South Mountain, Phoenix

"We really enjoyed this assembly!"
Irma Garcia, Kiser Elementary, Gila Bend

Dan Wolfe, Principal, Le Pera Elementary, Parker

"We really enjoyed this!"
Emma Chavez, Assistant Principal, St Elizabeth Ann Seton School, Tucson

"Really neat!"
Andrea Hays, Sixth-Grade Teacher, Hancock Elementary, Chandler

"A very talented theatre company!"
Julie Elliott, DeMiguel Elementary, Flagstaff

Sheri Fallows, Assembly Coordinator,
Desert Winds Elementary, Tucson

"Thank you so much for your wonderful performance for the Khalsa School
& Tucson Hebrew Academy. I was truly impressed with your talent
and relentless energy and excellent planning put forth towards
a truly entertaining hour! The students loved it!"
Datta Kaur Khalsa, Khalsa Montessori School, Tucson



"WONDERFUL! Just PERFECT for ALL our grades!"
Michelle Graf, PTA, and Anne Bacon, Literacy Coordinator,
Kay Carl Elementary, Las Vegas

Paula Hitchcock, Literacy Specialist, Garehime Elementary, Las Vegas

"The kids LOVED the performances! We are very excited to have you next year as well."
Jennifer Adams, Assembly Coordinator, John Dooley Elementary, Henderson

"PHENOMENAL! This was the best assembly we've ever seen for holding our children's attention!"
Kerry McKoy, Specialist, John Tartan Elementary, North Las Vegas

"FABULOUS! Our children LOVED it!"
Andrea Diaz, PTA President, Lomie Heard Elementary, Nellis AFB, Las Vegas

"This was wonderful!"
Carol Veslany, Music Teacher, Joseph Neal STEAM Academy, Las Vegas

"The best audience reaction we've seen from our children!"
Greg Mingo, Principal, Derfelt Elementary, Las Vegas

"To say that we were "pleased" with this assembly is an understatement! 
I had so many teachers come to me over the last week to say how much they enjoyed the show. 
Your dramatic characters were a delight to all the students and teachers!  Thank you so
much for coming and for the effort you put into making the story come to life!" 
Stacy Devoid, Assembly Coordinator, Lee Antonello Elementary, North Las Vegas

"FABULOUS! This is a HIGH-QUALITY ACT! So witty and engaging,
our children were on the edge of their seats!"
Ronald Ryan, PTA, John Dooley Elementary, Henderson

"WONDERFUL! Your facial expressions during this assembly were AMAZING! FANTASTIC!"
Karen Johnson, Principal,
Decker Elementary, Las Vegas



"Every schoolkid in America deserves to see this assembly!"
Liz Landon, Principal, Oak Grove Elementary, Medford

"The general consensus is that this is the best school performance we've ever seen!"
George Personius, Principal, and Diane Walker, Assembly Coordinator,
Highland Elementary, Grants Pass

"Your production was top notch - a real delight.  It mesmerized our audience.  Well done!"
Susan Rodriguez, Administrator, Beaverton School District

"A FABULOUS performance! Great pace and projection!"
Dave Noyes, Assembly Coordinator, Linwood Elementary, Milwaukie

"WOW! You really showed our children what it is possible to achieve with an assembly!"
Kendra Payne, Principal, Welches Elementary, Welches

"A WONDERFUL performance! PERFECT!"
Meg Otto, Principal, Elmira Elementary, Elmira, Oregon

"WOW! Was this assembly good or what?"
Liz Olive, Principal, Ocean Crest Elementary, Bandon

"Our children were in a state of pure joy!"
Lisa Jones, Literacy Specialist, Middleton Elementary, Sherwood

"Wonderful! I shall certainly be recommending you to other principals."
Jennifer Kelly, Principal, Lacomb Elementary, Lebanon

Colleen Frederick, Assembly Coordinator, Morningside Elementary, Salem

"Our children loved it!"
Dawn Corliss, Principal, Laurelhurst School, Portland

"Fantastic! So professional! Our children ate this up!"
Christy Wilkins, Principal, and Rose Sheffield, Assembly Coordinator,
Marion Elementary, Turner

"Very nicely done! It's not easy to keep our children occupied for that length of time
but you pulled it off!"
Kimberly Braunberger, Principal, Naas Elementary, Boring

"A real hit with our student body!"
Erika Pinkerton, Principal, McGovern Elementary, Winston

"Word will out, this assembly is FANTASTIC!"
Mary Jean Katz, Administrator, Beaverton School District

"Wonderful! Delightful!"
The staff of Raleigh Hills Elementary, Portland

"That was GREAT! Come back next year!"
Darren Johnson, Principal, Nyssa Elementary, Nyssa

Cathy Knapp, Principal, Brockway Elementary, Winston

"An absolute hoot!"
Kim Ball, Principal, Cottrell Elementary, Boring

"That was GREAT! What a high standard to set!"
Jennifer Hanks, Assembly Coordinator, Joan Austin Elementary, Newberg

Joni Parsons, Principal, Eagle Rock Elementary, Eagle Point



Kathy Price, Assembly Coordinator, Zilker Elementary, Austin

"A WONDERFUL performance!"
Audrey Ware, Principal, Jarrell Elementary, Jarrell

"SUPERB! Please come back next year!"
Michelle Bischoffberger, Principal, Cottonwood Creek Elementary, Hutto

"AMAZING! You had our children in the palm of your hand!"
Dr Susan Wethington, Gifted & Talented Coordinator/Music, Garden Oaks Elementary, Houston

"WONDERFUL! The MOST ATTENTIVE we've ever seen our children!"
Edmund Pantuliano, Literacy Coordinator, Patterson Elementary, Houston

"Wonderful! Your assembly showed our children everything it is possible to achieve
with the expressive arts!"
Suzanne Mercado, Principal, and Marcy Bonner, Drama Teacher, Edgewood Elementary, Houston

"AWESOME! EXCEPTIONAL! SO VERY ENTERTAINING for our teachers as well as our children!"
Helen Brook & Carol Kehlenbrink, Assembly Coordinators, Parker Elementary, Houston

"Even our normally fidgety children were completely engrossed!"
Sharon Ryan, Sunrise Summer Camp, Austin

"You guys are GREAT, thank you!"
Richard Batlle, Principal, Bluebonnet Elementary, Bastrop

"The most professional production I have ever seen!
You brought some culture into our school today!"
Skooter Halamicek, Brown Primary School, Smithville

"Fantastic! We loved it!"
Jediah Spurlock, Music Director, Del Valle Elementary, Del Valle



"I received an email from both the principals of Island View and Mt Erie schools congratulating you
on your performance!"
Tina Martin, Assembly Coordinator, Anacortes, School District

"Wonderful! Our children were mesmerized!"
Kim Fox, Administrator, Seattle Public Schools

"Fantastic! You had our children eating out of your hand!
Normally our students would never get this opportunity to see such a high-quality act!"
David Adams, Administrator, Bellingham School District

"It's not often that we get a performance as accomplished as this!"
Bob Hodges, Principal, Garfield Elementary, Olympia

"Our children gave this assembly five stars!"
Dan Davis, Principal, Meadowdale Elementary, Lynnwood

"Wonderful! Your comic timing is impeccable!"
Stephanie Smith, Maplewood K-8 School, Edmonds

Holly Shaffer, Principal, and Kurt Lindstrom, Evergreen Elementary, Fort Lewis

"HUGE fun!"
Bill O'Donnell, Principal, AJ West Elementary, Aberdeen

"Your assembly was FABULOUS and the kids loved it! They all told me it was a '10'!"
Karen Rautenberg, Assembly Coordinator, Seaview Elementary, Edmonds

"We loved the play and your performance. Please let us know any time you come this way.
You really were a hit with the kids and adults alike. Thank you so much."
Tonia Benson, Assembly Coordinator, Emerson Elementary, Everett

"Terrific! Very funny and exciting!"
Tara Dowd, Principal, Fidalgo Elementary, Anacortes

"Very nice!"
Craig Dunnam, Principal, Crescent Harbor Elementary, Oak Harbor

"Wonderful! Our secretary pulled out your flyer and thought 'this might be good...'
Boy, was she right! An inspiration to our students!"
Ellen Eddy, Principal, Rocky Ridge Elementary, Graham

"Really EXCELLENT - please let us know when you're coming back to this area!"
Jack Sackett, Principal, Seaview Elementary, Edmonds

Trina Hall, Principal, and the staff of Sunnyland Elementary, Bellingham

Jodee Anderson, Principal, and the staff of Big Lake Elementary, Mt Vernon

Foppish Sir Kay


"WONDERFUL! Please let us know whenever you are out this way!"
Heather Castagno, Principal, Anna Smith Elementary, Wendover

"Rave reviews from all our staff!"
Jill Durrant, Principal, Silver Crest Elementary, Herriman

The staff of Westside Elementary, Springville

"This was SO ENJOYABLE! My students were completely gripped!"
Lynette Riggs, Principal, Lincoln Elementary, Hyrum



Jane Penn, Principal, Willway Elementary, Victoria, British Columbia

"Absolutely MARVELOUS!"
The staff of Pinewood Elementary, Delta, British Columbia



"The most professional production we've ever seen!"
Carol Albrecht, Assembly Coordinator, Chaparral Elementary, Santa Fe