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Oliver Twist     Robin Hood  


Poverty Oliver


Our vivid and enthralling adaptation of
Charles Dickens' classic tale!

Nine year old Oliver Twist spends his life in a workhouse orphanage where he incurs
the wrath of the Beadle, Mr Bumble, for daring to ask for more food.
When he runs away to London, he falls into the company of a gang of pickpockets
lead by Fagin and assisted by child-thief Jack Dawkins AKA "the Artful Dodger"
and the villainous Bill Sikes. Oliver's future looks uncertain until the kind
Mr Brownlow uncovers the truth about Oliver's parentage.

Join us for a fabulously entertaining performance presented with our
trademark blend of humor and suspense.



"A wonderful performance filled with humor and action!"
Jamie LeBlanc, Principal, Liberty Elementary, Santa Maria

Nancy & Fagin

"Another fantastic performance! Our children were on the edge of their seats!"
Allan Pelletier, Principal, Ballard Elementary, Solvang

Posh Oliver

"A wonderful introduction to this classic story!"
Laura Brooks, Principal, Vineyard Elementary, Templeton


"Wonderful job! We'd like to make it a tradition of you visiting our school every year!"
Tony Nunes, PTA President, Hapgood Elementary, Lompoc


"It's not often that we get a performance as accomplished as this!"
Bob Hodges, Principal, Garfield Elementary, Olympia, Washington

"Extremely well done!"
The staff of Brown Elementary, Olympia, Washington

"WONDERFUL! The children (and the staff) LOVED it!"
Ehron Baskin, PTO Assembly Coordinator, Ocean View Elementary, Arroyo Grande

"The BEST play we've ever seen!"
The staff of Garden Oaks Elementary, Houston, Texas

"Absolutely BRILLIANT!"
Mary Alcala, St Dominic Savio School, Bellflower

This was TERRIFIC!"
Julie Bendinelli, PTA Assembly Coordinator, Painted Rock Elementary, Poway